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Kite surfing in Canoa Quebrada


The beach of Canoa Quebrada is one of the best "spot" in Brazil for the practice of kite surfing. Flat water and steady winds as well as huge spaces characterize the spots of Canoa Quebrada and the surrounding areas.

The most frequented spot is located on the main beach of Canoa, just after the beach restaurant "Bom Motivo". Most of the time, pipes of 8-12 m² are used during the most windy months (from June to January) and 12-16 m² during the other months.

The other spot, quite special, is located 14 km from Canoa Quebrada, at the mouth of the Rio Jaguaribe. You get there by 4x4 or sand buggy. It is an area of 2x2 km functioning only at low tide; it allows sailing about 4 hrs a day with the wind "side/side on" and on flat waters. This spot has few people and lots of space. It is a spot that suits kitesurfers of all levels and that offers lots of fun and quiet. At this spot, one normally uses a smaller pipes than the one used in the spot of Canoa Quebrada. The wind blows "side on" in the morning and "on shore" in the afternoon.

Several schools offer kite classes with gear rental and sand buggy transfers to the spot.
The Pousada Dona Flor can arrange your kite lessons with the best instructors and greater comfort and safety.





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